Even before the pandemic, the most profound behavioral change in commerce was the shift to digital shopping. Many product categories had already been significantly disrupted by digital over the past two decades (books, entertainment and consumer electronics), while others, like apparel, were early in their transition to digital.  Digitally native companies are using technology to build tighter insights on consumers thereby creating a competitive advantage matching shifts in consumer buying behavior.  For many established CPGs and MFGs, this digital revolution further exposed vulnerabilities created by the current heavy reliance on a brick and mortar retail distribution network. Acxiom is helping CPGs and MFGs gain new advantages by bridging the consumer insights gaps between the digital and physical distribution networks.

  • First-Party Data Creation at Scale

    First-Party Data Creation at Scale

    While historical distribution networks are vital to CPGs and Manufacturers, they create consumer insights challenges. Acxiom helps brands rapidly build first-party data by:

    • Making it easier to collect comprehensive insights across consumer touchpoints
    • Augmenting brand data with second-party and third-party insights
    • Maximizing ingestion of media & website consumer behaviors
  • Brand-owned Identity Graph

    Brand-owned Identity Graph

    With cookies going away, mastery of first-party data and ownership of first party IDs have become the new digital currency to future-proof your business and seamlessly create unique value exchanges with consumers and households.  Acxiom has a clear roadmap to transition CPGs and MFGs through these changes by assembling all people related data into your privately owned Identity Graph.

    Key benefits of a Brand-owned Identity Graph

    Control – You own it. You scale it and you have more leverage into publisher networks and/or second-party partnerships.

    Future Proof –Eliminate reliance on 3rd Party cookies

    Multi-Functional – Identity isn’t just about marketing. Your identity graph also ensures your operational use cases, like customer service or internal systems, are kept up to date with all engagements, transactions and touchpoints in real time.

  • Marketing Automation to fuel customer experiences

    Marketing Automation to fuel customer experiences

    Acxiom offers many options for centralized housing and management of customer assets including data lakes, analytics platforms, CRM, and customer data platforms. For CPG/MFGs, Acxiom’s CDP offers a particularly compelling inclusion of a comprehensive data spine to quickly scale first-party insights to 50-75% of a brand’s customers and integrated 360-degree consumer insights via Acxiom’s Real Identity Solutions.

    • Allows more relevant conversations in the moments that matter
    • Maximizes insights with a comprehensive data spine providing brand buying behaviors, needs, wants and preferences
    • Enhances Media Optimization
    • Flexibility to leverage Acxiom’s native CDP or partner’s CDP
  • Measurement and Attribution (Closed-Loop)

    Measurement and Attribution (Closed-Loop)

    3rd Party cookie deprecation has a potentially outsized impact on attribution models.  Rising walled gardens could easily double or triple attribution expenditures which is not practical for most brands.  To address these challenges, Acxiom enables flexible measurement and attribution solutions. We have pioneered new attribution methodologies that use real point-of-sale data; include return on advertising spend (ROAS) lift across all touchpoints; enables cost-effective capture of first-party digital media interaction data.  Acxiom can also flex solutions across open and walled gardens, as well as cloud platforms, to align the value of attribution capabilities with investment levels.  We work with you to identify, design and implement solutions that meet your near-term needs while easily adjusting to changing MadTech capabilities and privacy demands.

  • Direct-to-Consumer Insights Maximization

    Direct-to-Consumer Insights Maximization

    For CPG/MFGs that have taken the leap into direct-to-consumer (DTC) operations via ecommerce and/or brick-and-mortar stores, the challenges are many. But so are the potential gains these brands may derive from aligning operations more closely with consumers.

    These gains can mask challenges such as difficulties with:

    • Recognizing consumers at the point of sale in the brick-and-mortar network
    • Low, but growing, brand conversions within the DTC operations
    • Scaling look-a-likes for insights and engagement

    Acxiom has a suite of solutions designed to address these challenges.